台灣攝影師,專注於人像、婚禮、旅遊拍攝、影片剪接師與作家,並於VOCUS 方格子,駐站寫作。



Simon Chien is a Taiwan portrait, wedding, traveler photographer and film editor. Simon major in portrait during the periods New York Institute of Photography distance education form 2016 to 2018.

Simon is professional research for color and light in the New York Institute of Photography and focus documentary in wedding photo.

In addition to shoot weddings, he also would like to shoot landscapes and snap photos during in travel.

In 2014, he won first bronze medal of the PX3 awards in his career, then he won many international photography awards during 2014-2020 and continued.


IPA (International Photography Awards)
Wedding Honorable 2014 , 2015 , 2016
people Honorable 2014 , 2015, 2018
OneShot “Street"Honorable 2019

PX3 (Paris Photography Prize)
People  Bronze 2014, Honorable 2015
Wedding Honorable 2014 , 2015
Press Honorable 2015
performance Honorable 2015

MIFA (Moscow International Awards)
Wedding Honorable 2015

ICA (International Color Awards)
Portrait Honorable 2015
Sport  Nomination 2017
Fine-art  Nomination 2018

BWSA (Black & White spider Awards)
Portrait Nomination 2015
People Honorable 2016

MPA (Mobile Photography Awards)
Traffic  Honorable

TIFA (Tokyo Internationl Foto Awards)
People Honorable 2016
Wedding Honorable 2016
Season Honorable 2016
Wild Honorable 2016
Portfolio Bronze 2018
Editorial / sports Bronze 2019

TMOFA (桃園美術館 桃源美展)
攝影錄像類入圍 2021


2014 攝影概念講座, 香草廚房, 桃園市
2015 東京攝影分享會, 香草廚房, 桃園市
2016 北海道攝影分享會, 香草廚房, 桃園市
2017 旅圖中攝影分享會, 12月共享空間, 桃園市八德區
2018 歐洲攝影分享會, 香草廚房, 新星巷弄書房, 桃園區, 龜山區


2015 串串社群展
2021 台南錦源興創作展
2021 桃源美展


桃園市大園國際高中 V-shot攝影社 (2018~2021)